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Ci is an independent lighting design practice based in Austin. We specialize in the use of light and technology to enhance the experience of architecture and the built environment. We believe, that light should be continuation of architecture, as one with the architectural form + texture. 

Our work is to craft an embodiment of a space, idea and brand through light. The services include the development of detailed specification; coordination lighting with architecture and follow through to achieve intended result in the projects. 


Ashwin and Anastasia are the founders | lighting designers of Ci Studio. Ashwin pursued a degree in finance & marketing at Baylor University, before pursuing his master’s in architectural Lighting Design from Hochschule Wismar University of Applied Sciences Technology, Germany. His international work experience in the construction industry in project management, vendor relations and design are a strong value add to projects.

Anastasia pursued a bachelors and master’s degree in Optical Engineering with a specialization in lighting engineering and light sources at Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia. Her experience in successfully delivering several design + build projects of varying complexity and scale through value innovative strategies and partnerships result in unique concepts and perspectives. Anastasia is a LEED® Green Associate™.

Below on the left is the description of the deliverables for each phase of a project. Such a workflow allows for greater transparency, creativity and efficiency for all stakeholders involved.

Below on the right is our 5 layer approach to the lighting to create a well-balanced environment. This measured approach crafts bespoke schemes and experiences.


Schematic Design

During this stage we shape our idea into sketches, mood board, preliminary planning of a scheme with considerations of functionality, practicality, maintenance, sustainability and commercial viability. 


Design Development

Here we delve further into design exploring lighting equipment, creating visuals supported by photometric calculations and mockups that reaffirm concept. An updated budget adds commercial clarity.

Construction Document

During this stage we prepare a package of drawings and a master sheet consisting of a Luminaire Schedule, BOQ and Control Schedule. Assisting project partners with the final construction details.

Construction Administartion

Supporting the construction team, we include value engineering workshops, site meetings, tender evaluation(s) and finalized aiming and programming of fixtures. 

Post Construction Works

For interaction installations or feature elements we provide content and user interface development updates. This allows you to pivot and rebrand, while maintaining continued user enjoyment.  



We begin with the formation of a conceptual meaning of light to the project. Preliminary concepts are outlined to encourage a discussion between all stakeholders.







A wealth of information in an environment can be organized through light. This creates a hierarchy of architectural and design featurettes drawing interest. 



Techniques that do not carry a functional load but are critical in creating a mood across space.  Volume, color, vectors are some of the attributes that are addressed. 


Feature objects draw our attention for being amazed. Achieved through the targeted use of light shapes, dynamic effects, projection and color, they can highlight, define and communicate values. 


Leveraging modern technology to create dynamic spaces that react to visitor stimuli such as movement or voice can create unique and memorable experiences of a space.



A layer of light providing general illumination for orientation and ensures that the people and objects are visible.  The primary function of the space determines the optimum illuminance level.




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"We undertake two projects a year pro bono for nonprofits. If you have a project, feel free to send us email".

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