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SXSW is a festival attended by creatives from people all over the world with interests in music, film, art, technology and in between. We believe that engaging with others is the only way to grow and form a creative elasticity benefiting all those part of the conversation / interaction.
Our concept is built on relaxed engagement. A structure constructed with modular forms that are stacked to create an island upon which individuals can sit, relax and engage with one another. Building on the concept of relaxed engagement we have deigned the structure with both passive and active interactive elements, that act as a fun way for people to interact with the structure and engage each other.
A passive interaction scheme, seen during daytime; theromochromatic paint coats the structure, acting as a fun way for people to leave their mark on the installation through changes of the surface temperature on the island. The active scheme in contrast occurs during the night, where individuals can shape the atmosphere on the block using sound. Sensors built into the structure pick up the ambient noise from on and around the block, thus influencing the color scheme on the island, making it an ever changing and dynamic landscape.
Austin, Texas
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